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[4titude] Tear-A-Way™ 96 well PCR Plate, non-skirted, clear, 10 pcs/bag
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[4titude] Tear-A-Way™ 96 well PCR Plate, non-skirted, clear, 10 pcs/bag

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Brand: 4titude
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96 well non-skirted PCR plate, vertically or horizontally perforated, standard profile, 0.2ml wells, polypropylene, cut corner H12; working volume: <200µl, total well capacity: 300µl; tears easily into strips or part plates; universal cycler and sequencer compatibility.

  • Tear-A-Way™ plates allow for the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective use of a PCR plate
  • Avoid the costly use of half-empty plates or the fiddly separation of plates with scissors
  • Scissors are widely used by everyone in the lab for cutting diverse materials, so are typically highly contaminated with substances including bacteria and DNA
  • Cutting plates with scissors should be avoided as it can perforate wells and damage sealing rings, risking evaporation and sample contamination
  • Based on our 96 Well Non-Skirted PCR Plate, Tear-A-Way™ plates can be quickly and easily divided along the perforations between the rows
  • The correct number of wells can be separated off for each experiment, saving time and costs
  • The plate is available perforated either vertically, tearing into 8-well strips (Tear-A-Way™ 96/8), or horizontally, tearing into 12-well strips (Tear-A-Way™ 96/12)
  • The new 12-strip Tear-A-Way™ 96/12 plates allow you to make full use of your gradient PCR instruments
  • The temperature gradient is typically created along the horizontal direction of the block, thus 12-well strips or sections are ideal
Parameter Tear-A-Way™ PCR Plate
Plate length 120.00 ± 0.25mm
Plate width 80.00 ± 0.25mm
Plate height 20.20 ± 0.10mm
Well depth 20.20 ± 0.10mm
Well diameter 5.46 ± 0.10mm
Total well capacity 0.3ml (300µl)
Working volume <0.2ml (200µl)
Distance to center of A1 from top edge 8.75 ± 0.25mm
Distance to center of A1 from left edge 10.75 ± 0.25mm
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 9.00mm

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