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[BioTeke] Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor System - 32 channels
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[BioTeke] Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor System - 32 channels

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Brand: BioTeke
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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System-32

Bioteke’AU1001, is fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument, which can process 1-32 samples automatically and bring with extracted high purity nucleic acid. By use of built-in UV lamp can avoid cross contamination comes from human factors or residues. Meanwhile, using pre-filled reagents cartridges and disposables can shorten process and reduce the labor cost. Moreover, compact design takes small space only, easy to run and operate. The purified high quality samples of nucleic acid can be used in a number of downstream applications.


Automated nucleic extraction system, as model AU1001,uses advanced magnetic technology to process 32 samples within 30-50 minutes. It offers a user friendly interface that can edit,run and store multipleprograms. Purified RNA&DNA is of the highest integrity, can be used in a number of downstream applications such as blood screening, monitoring diseases and post treatments, genetic drug therapies, and biological research.


1. Lower purchase cost than domestic & exterior brands
2. Better instrument quality than Qiagen, offer better Reagent&Kits than Qiagen
3. Lower maintenance cost
4. 12 months warranty
5. Offer private labeling service

Experimental examples:

1. Animal tissue genomic DNA extraction

2. whole blood genomic DNA extraction

  • Fresh whole blood
  • Coagulated blood
  • Heparin blood
  • Stale blood

3. Saliva genomic DNA extraction

4. Bacteria genomic DNA extraction

5. Virus DNA, RNA extraction

6. Paraffin tissue genomic DNA Extraction

7. Poultry blood genomic DNA extraction

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