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[Heathrow Scientific] Portable Centrifuge Kit
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[Heathrow Scientific] Portable Centrifuge Kit

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Part NoProduct NamePriceDetailsOptionsQty
HS120566Inserts only for Portable caseRM  140.00
Stock: Pre order
HS120568Sprout® Portable Centrifugation Kit, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Universal Plug + 12V Power AdapterRM  2,300.00
Stock: Pre order
HS120569Sprout® Portable Centrifuge Transport Case with Inserts - onlyRM  580.00
Stock: Pre order
HS120570Sprout® 12Volt Sprout Power AdapterRM  130.00
Stock: Pre order

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Spin Samples On-the-Go

The Portable Centrifuge Kit by Heathrow Scientific offers a convenient way to spin down and prepare samples outside of a conventional laboratory to prevent deterioration

Immediate Field Processing that is Easy to Use and offers Portable Convenience

The kit includes a Sprout® Plus Mini Centrifuge securely housed in the DuraPorter® transport box
Specially designed insert to seat the centrifuge, all its accessories and incorporates a 16-Place microtube rack 
The DuraPorter® is transparent for sample visibility and integrity checks

Sprout® Plus Mini Centrifuge

  • Tool free SnapSpin rotors
  • Quick-spin option
  • Includes 12V Car Adapter and Low Voltage, Double Insulated Power Adapter (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) with 4 Interchangeable Plugs

Speed Range: Approx. 6,000 rpm (fully loaded)
RCF: 2000 x g Power
Dimensions: 153 x 128 x 104 mm (5.97 x 4.99 x 4.05 in.)
Certifications: CE, SGS, RoHS3, WEEE
Five-year warranty

DuraPorter® Transport Box

  • Durably constructed of polycarbonate material 
  • Silicone water-tight seal and three lid clasps
  • Lockable with zip tie (not included)

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