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[JetBiofil] Tissue Culture Flasks
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[JetBiofil] Tissue Culture Flasks

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Part NoProduct NamePriceDetailsOptionsQty
JET-TCF012050T25cm2 (50ml) Tissue Culture FlasksRM  430.00
Stock: Stock available
JET-TCF012250T75cm2 (250ml) Tissue Culture FlasksRM  466.00
Stock: Stock available

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Product information:

Cell and Tissue Culture Flasks are perfect for cell growth and cell yields aim on little and medium input volume.

• Available with 5 different growth areas of 12.5cm2, 25cm2,75cm2,182cm2,300cm2
• Available in surface-treated or Non-treated
• Flacks surface is flat and free from striation to maximize usable growth area
• 2 different cap sty les can be used in both open and closed systems
• Innova tive angled neck design offers good pipet and cell scraper access in
• Upper triangular and wider base shape provides stability
• Protrudent ridge on the back side of the flask makes it easy for stacking
• Special area ne ar the neck for easy mark writing
• Both flask sides have engraved graduation
• Strict integrity tested
• Sterilized by gamma i rradiation
• Non-pyrogenic

Ordering information:
• Package in durable z ip resealable self-standing plastic bags that allow flasks to remain upright and reduce contamination
• Every packag e bag is labeled with lot number for quality traceability.

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Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia for order amount > RM 1,000 for selected products


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