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[Major Science] Mini SafeBlue Electrophoresis System, MBE-100 series
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[Major Science] Mini SafeBlue Electrophoresis System, MBE-100 series

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SKU: MBE-104

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Brand: Major Science
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**Warranty by local authorized distributor**

Product Description

Flexible width for different sizes of electrophoresis tank (Midi plus and Midi plus-1 series)

Product Introduction
The Mini SafeBlue System is the new member to the family. It consists of all the great features from the MBE-150 series but smaller in size, more economical and better performance. The Mini SafeBlue System offers flexibility in the electrophoresis tank selection and accommodates up to 13cm in tank width, so it can easily fit in our ME10 or ME7 series tank to perform run and view. The built-in fans on the tank lid helps reduce the vapor condensation, so the result can be seen more easily and clearly. The Mini SafeBlue System is perfect to run small numbers of PCR samples and performs quick result for immediate visualization.

Convenient - run as you see DNA migration
Compact - footprint smaller than most UV transilluminator, easy to move and ideal for limited bench space
Economical - an inexpensive imager system with scientific or digital camera; multiple accessories are also available to increase experimental efficiency
Safe - 470nm wavelength blue light less invasive than UV light
Flexible - UV tray adaptors available, compatible with MJ-105 or mupid 2
No harmful effects of UV:
Non-carcinogenic, safe for operator
Signifuantly minimize sample degradation than UV

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