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[Supelco] Discovery® DSC-Si SPE Tube

[Supelco] Discovery® DSC-Si SPE Tube

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Brand: Supelco
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Discovery® DSC-Si SPE Tube

bed wt. 500 mg, volume 3 mL, pk of 54

Quality Level   100
material   PE frit (20 μm porosity)
  polypropylene hardware
composition   bed wt., 500 mg
packaging   pk of 54
volume   3 mL
matrix   silica gel base material (irregularly shaped, acid washed)
matrix active group   silica bonding
particle size   50 μm
pore size   70 Å pore size
surface area   480 m2/g
Featured Industry   Food and Beverages
separation technique   normal phase


General description

Retention Mechanism: Normal phase
Sample Matrix Compatibility: Organic solvents, oils, and lipids

• Unbonded acid washed silica sorbent ideal for normal phase SPE and other modified flash techniques
• Often used to separate or remove structurally similar molecules through successive elutions with increasingly polar solutions
• The most polar normal phase sorbent available
• Excellent capacity for purifying solution phase combinatorial chemistry reactions when removing target molecules from reaction by-products and excess reagents

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