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Calibrex Solutae 530 bottle top dispenser, 1-10ml x 0.2ml

Calibrex Solutae 530 bottle top dispenser, 1-10ml x 0.2ml

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The Calibrex line includes a large selection of robust dosing instruments with excellent chemical resistance, high performance and simplified maintenance. Designed for performance handling of liquids from a large variety of bottles and flasks, the dispensers combine the latest in dosing technology, high tech materials and ergonomic design. As a result, users benefit from universal chemical compatibility, ease of operation, superior safety and low maintenance.

New generation bottle top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance to salt solutions and strong acids.
Model has glas or ceramic PFA coated plunger, preventing the crystallization of chemicals.
Made of high-tech materials, it provides for broad chemical resistance and is adapted for most laboratory reagents.
Long lasting performance stability
Comfortable and convenient in use
Solid, yet simple construction
Instant volume setting
In-lab calibration
Autoclavable at 121°C fully assembled
Supplied with bottle adapters

Product Specification
Volume: 1-10ml
Divisions: 0.2ml
Inaccuacy (Rel. err.%): Min: <+/- 1.5%, Mid vol:<+/- 1.2%, Max vol: <+/- 0.6%
Base thread 45mm

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