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DNA Fluorescent Assay Kits

DNA Fluorescent Assay Kits

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KIT-­‐DSDNA-­‐BROAD-­‐2DNA Fluorescent Assay Kits, dsDNA Broad Range Kit (1000 assays)RM  2,400.00
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KIT-­‐DSDNA-­‐HIGH-­‐2DNA Fluorescent Assay Kits, dsDNA High Sensitivity Kit (1000 assays)RM  2,400.00
Stock: Pre order
KIT-­‐DSDNA-­‐ULTRA-­‐2DNA Fluorescent Assay Kits, dsDNA Ultra High Sensitivity Kit (1000 assays)RM  3,600.00
Stock: Pre order

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Optimized for use with the DeNovix FX Series Fluorometers, DeNovix Fluorescent Assays will provide fast reliable quantitation data.

DeNovix dsDNA assays may be used on instruments other than the DeNovix DS-11 FX and QFX series of fluorometers. Use the Detailed Protocol links below for additional information. CLICK HERE for downloadable Qubit fluorometer .qbt files for use on Qubit 2.0 and 3.0 fluorometers.

Assay Kit Detection Range & Selection Guide:

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