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Hirayama 50 Liters Economical Autoclave

Hirayama 50 Liters Economical Autoclave

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Brand: Hirayama
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HVE-50 is an economical Autoclave, easy to operate, more safety and more user-friendly features.

  • Dual-sensing interlock mechanism offers an additional safety system locks the lid by detection the inner pressure and the temperature of the chamber.
  • Electromechanical locking systems allow easily and safely open the lid chamber by only using a one-touch lever.
  • Pulse exhaust system enables the chamber to exhaust quickly so that the culture media can be cooled down and can be removed without the risk of boiling over.
  • Parameters for sterilization can be program. Once changed, they are memorized.
  • Space saving design with the chamber lid opens vertically upwards.
  • The current status of the sterilization process is indicated by means of a set of flashing lights.

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