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HybriMore(TM) Hybridoma Culture Supplement

HybriMore(TM) Hybridoma Culture Supplement

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Brand: Visual Protein
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  • Hybrimore Hybridoma Brochure   Size: 524 KB     [download]

HybriMore™ Hybridoma Culture Supplement is a chemical defined supplement which is adding in the medium when culturing hybridoma cells. It can substantially provide necessary nutrients during cell culture and therefore successfully increase the cloning efficiency and raise the survival rate of hybridoma cell. No negative effect to hybridoma cell with the defined chemical component and defined concentration.

 Special Characteristic

  • Increase cloning efficiency and cell survival rate
  • Culturing hybridoma cells with better antibody secretion and production
  • Growth promoting supplement with defined chemical component and concentration

Pack size: 1 bottle (for 1L culture medium dilution).

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