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MIK-4202MIKROMEISTER® Dispenser,0.5-5.0mlRM  993.80
Stock: Stock available
MIK-4203MIKROMEISTER® Dispenser,1.0-10.0mlRM  993.80
Stock: Stock available
MIK-4204MIKROMEISTER® Dispenser,2.5-25.0mlRM  1,387.50
Stock: Stock available
MIK-4205MIKROMEISTER® Dispenser,5.0-50.0mlRM  1,562.50
Stock: Stock available

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  • Mikromeister Catalog   Size: 639 KB     [download]

Volume steps: 0.10ml
Thread:GL 32
Adapters GL: 28,40,45
Accuracy A%: 0.5 %
Coefficient of Variation CV%: ≤ 0.1%

Economical and ecological benefit:
• Innovative valve system allows bleeding without any loss of reagent
• Modular design and exemplary spare part service for extended lifetime
Perfect Handling:
• Rapid and precise volume adjustment
• Turnable discharge tube so that the bottle label is always visible
• Three PP-adapters for the most common bottle sizes are supplied
• Telescope intake tube easily adjusts to fit reagent bottles without cutting

Proven Safety:
• Transparent plastic sleeve protects the user from cuts and splashes if the glass breaks
• Drip-free discharge tube holder to restrict tubing movement
• Closed multi-way valve system prevents of unintended dispensing

• High resistant materials:
PTFE, PFA, Borosilicate, Platinum
• Can be autoclaved for sterile applications 121° C / 250° F
• Resistant to most acids, solvents, bases

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