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Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, MT-108
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Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, MT-108

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Brand: Major Science
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Product Introduction
MT-108 horizontal electrophoresis units offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are easy to cast and samples are easy to load. MT-108's longer tray allows running of bigger fragments to attain higher resolution. Its molded design prevents cracks or leakages, and its sturdy PC provides a temperature capacity of up to 130oC. A safety interlocking cover is designed to prevent electrical hazards during electrophoresis runs. It is ideal for many applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, Microsatellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, RFLP analysis, DNA fingerprinting and high-throughput analysis.

• Less agarose consumption
• Less running buffer consumption
• Multichannel pipette-compatible
• Single molded tank
• Safety & Ventilation lid
• High temperature capability, 130oC
• Easy sample loading
• Great indications for gel making and running
• No tapes, clamps or springs needed for gel casting
• No direct heat impact from power supply unit
• Two tray options available
• Cast 3 pcs of agarose gel in one time

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