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RFRHTEMP2000A Wireless  Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
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RFRHTEMP2000A Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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Brand: MadgeTech
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What's Included: Full set come with cable & software (without calibration)

The RFRHTemp2000A is two-way wireless temperature and humidity data logger with LCD. Transmits up to 2000 ft maximum (outdoors unobstructed). Built-in memory also stores data internally.

The RFRHTemp2000A is ideal for both industrial or laboratory applications including supply chain storage facilities, incubator monitoring and HVAC studies. Designed with external humidity and RTD based temperature sensors, the device provides a fast response time for both parameters. For customer convenience, functions include starting, stopping and downloading from the device wirelessly using the RFC1000 wireless transceiver. This allows customers to quickly access data and spend less time maintaining the device. Data can be provided in real time back to a central PC, or the device may be downloaded at periodic intervals.

The digital display provides the current reading for both the humidity and temperature channels with minimum, maximum and average statistics accessible for a quick snapshot of the logged data. The RFRHTemp2000A features user programmable alarm settings for both temperature and humidity parameters. An audible buzzer and LED alarm indicator notifies users when the temperature or humidity is above or below the threshold set in the alarm. Email and text alarms can also be configured and sent from within the software, allowing users to be notified almost anywhere.

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