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RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit

RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit

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Brand: Norgen Biotek
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RNA/DNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit

This kit provides a rapid spin-column method for the isolation and purification of total RNA, genomic DNA and proteins sequentially from a single sample of cultured animal cells, small tissue samples, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants.

The kit employs two columns: 1) for gDNA purification and 2) for RNA purification utilizing silicon carbide columns (superior for the binding of all RNA sizes including miRNA).  The proteins are also purified on the second column after RNA elution. The proteins are eluted in buffer and are ready for downstream application  without any further clean up required. The proteins can be quantified directly,  used in western blots, ELISA or mass spectrometry.

  • Sequentially purify total RNA (and miRNA),  DNA and  proteins from a single sample
  • No sample splitting or need to use phenol or precipitation methods
  • Purify RNA/DNA/Protein from cultured animal cells, tissues, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants
  • Rapid and efficient spin column procedure - all done in 30 minutes
  • Proteins are purified on column and are soluble in the elution buffer.  No further cleaning is required

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