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Urine Test Strip Ketone

Urine Test Strip Ketone

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Brand: Mediscience
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Pack Size: 10 btl (100 strips/ btl)


To measure the level of ketones in the body

How to use:
1. Either pass the test end of the strip through your urine as you urinate (be sure to wet it entirely), or collect urine in a clean, dry container and dip the test strip in.
2. Shake off excess drops of urine.
3. Wait for 20 seconds or whatever time is stated on the brand of test strips you are using.
4. Compare the colour on your strip to the colour array on the side of the bottle.
5. Any colour other than the original beige means there are some ketones in your urine.
6. The colour of the stick typically is measured in light pink being low in ketone production and dark purple being high in ketone production
Brand: Mediscience

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