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[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers, 230V

[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers, 230V

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SKU: EF4575D

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Brand: Daigger Scientific
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  • Ideal for use in the fields of cytology, histology, pathology and biology for paraffin tissue section mounting.
  • Thermal heater ensures heat transfer over the entire surface
  • Anodized black surface provides contrast with samples
  • LED temperature display
  • Thermoplast setting range from room temperature to 75°C±2°

Model No. XH-2001 (EF4575D)
- 25" x 8" (64 cm x 20 cm)
- Surface holds about 66 slides
- Shipping weight: 13lbs

1 year warranty

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