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Respilon ReSpimask, Nano-Fiber Facemask (Adult)
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Respilon ReSpimask, Nano-Fiber Facemask (Adult)

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  • Respilon ReSpimask (Adult & Pregnant)   Size: 6.33 MB     [download]

Pack Size: 10 pcs/pack

• Facemasks with RESPILON® nanofiber membrane stop dangerous viruses, bacteria, molds, smog, pollen and dust particles, thus helping to protect patients with weakened immunity, e.g. after chemotherapy
• ReSpimask® provides reliable protection from air pollution, allergens and infections such as influenza and its variants
• RESPILON® nanofiber membrane works on a purely mechanical basis; the mask is not impregnated with any chemicals or silver
• The protective properties of the mask are further enhanced by its unique shape and adhesive strips which make it fit perfectly
• Protecting yourself and your unborn child from pollution is vital for the healthy development of your baby’s immunity
• Hypoallergenic adhesive strips and the mask’s unique shape ensure maximum adhesion while the mask remains perfectly air permeable, thus allowing easy breathing
• ReSpimask® is comfortable, easy to use and comes in various sizes
• It is an ideal protection agains smog, various infections or epidemics

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