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Untung-lah! Privilege Program

Untung-lah! Privilege Program

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The benefits of our NLQ Privilege Memberships includes the following:

1. Free shipping & packing for parcel less than 20kg (on a weekly basis)

  • Every Untung-lah! members entitled 50 credits x 20kg per year (Renewal cycle: 1st July to 30th June)
  • Shipment will be shipped on weekly basis
  • For parcel more than 20kg
    example a) 20kg; 1 credit to be deducted
    example b) 21kg; 2 credits to be deducted
    example c) 40kg; 2 credits to be deducted
  • For equipment/instrument which is weight at 100kg or more per packaging will be not entitled for Untung-lah! FREE shipping.
  • For any Untung-lah! member who fully utilized the credits prior to the next renewal cycle will be automatically get renewed and the official invoice will be sent for payment purposes.
  • This FREE shipping is only eligible for general goods and totally excludes Dangerous Goods / Flammable / Explosive / Controlled / Regulated / Sensitive goods by the local authorities.

2. Exclusive all year long 2% discount at Biohaus Store:

3. Waive on processing fees for order less than RM500

4. Instant RM100 Biohaus Store voucher (RM 100 x 1 voucher given out, voucher only applicable for order > RM 1K

5. Entitlement of Dealer Cash Back Incentive and
-Calculate based on a monthly basis (July 2019-June 2020), RM100 for every tier of RM10,000 invoice amount. Example:
Invoice value for July >RM100,000, you will get cash back RM1,000 in terms of Credit Note.

6. Sigma Aldrich discount (8%) from online price for all non-poison & non-regulated items.

*Memberships are effective from July 2019-June 2020.

Delivery Info

Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia for order amount > RM 1,000 for selected products


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